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Some Anti-Theist Religious Bits & Pieces: Round Eighteen | Sexuality Documentaries

Of all of those Big Questions axial to abstract concepts that beleaguer life, the creation and everything, the realms of canon and religions and the attributes of deities abide to fascinate. Opinions breed in books, articles, videos, conversations in bedfast and pubs, and in actuality anywhere and everywhere two or added bodies are in proximity. There’s the pro side; there’s the anti-side. There aren’t too abounding fence-sitters. I’m still in the anti-camp as the afterward $.25 and pieces illustrate.

Regarding the Bible

*Why in the Genesis conception tales (both of them) isn’t annihilation of a unicellular / bacillus / bacilli / virus mentioned? Maybe because the absolutely beastly writers of Genesis hadn’t a clue about germs, etc. If God had created them you’d anticipate that they would accept gotten at atomic one sentence!

*Pseudo-historian and acute bourgeois Christian David Barton has claimed that if any one allotment of the Bible is apparent to be historically authentic and authentic again all of the Bible is historically authentic and true. Does anyone afar from me see an accessible blemish in that reasoning?

*If Grimm accompanying that a man lived central of a ample angle for three canicule and nights, and the Bible had a chance about a a man called jack who climbed this very, absolute alpine beanstalk, what’s the absolute difference? Both are alpine tales.

*Even if you anticipate that you get your affirmation from the gospels, that’s not accord that the gospels are in actuality authentic and historically true.

*The Bible no added proves the actuality of Noah and Moses, or of Adam and Eve, than “The Hound of the Baskervilles” proves that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in actuality abide or that “1984″ gives absoluteness of actuality and anatomy to Big Brother.

*Tolerance is unbiblical.

*Just because there ability be some bulk of bendability aural a Biblical anecdotal doesn’t of call – as some theists altercate – accomplish that anecdotal true.

*Made up bits that’s not in the Bible:

- The Pope.

- The acceptable Pope.

- Celibacy for priests.

- Women can’t be priests.

- Confession.

- No meat on Fridays.

Regarding the Exodus

*With God’s ‘help’, a two-week airing takes 40 years! That should be a prime access in “Ripley’s Accept It Or Not” series.

Regarding God

*If God defeated the devil / Satan, and God is declared to be absolute afterwards all so it shouldn’t be a absolute problem, again there’s no chance larboard to tell. That is why Superman can never defeat Lex Luthor and Batman the Joker.

*The absolute actuality that the agitation over the absolute actuality of the Christian God still drags on and on and on acutely agency that Authentic Believers, Christian theists, accept bootless to appear up with the smoker gun affirmation to argue the agnostic skeptics. So non-believers accept no absolute acumen to accept Christian theists. As the adage goes, what can be asserted after affirmation can be alone after evidence!

*Why there is something rather than annihilation is NOT an altercation for the actuality of God aback one can again ask why there is a God rather than nothing? Area did God appear from?

*So actuality we accept beastly bodies (i.e. – Homo sapiens) absolute for at atomic 100,000 years if not bifold that, and again for 95,000 years (or even 195,000 years) God absolutely abandoned us, and then, and alone then, again getting the accomplished 5,000 years or thereabouts, God reveals Himself to one and alone one almost baby arena on Planet Earth (although all continents except Antarctica were beastly inhabited) and one of the a lot of barbarian of regions at that. It all makes no sense.

*God adequate on the seventh day (of creation). Has He adequate on any day aback then? Accustomed that He has in actuality done annihilation in bags of years, He allegedly doesn’t charge to.

*Why does God consistently accord His revelations to bodies in clandestine settings instead of giving them to anybody in the accessible square?

*What affectionate of God relies on acceptance as a alleyway to His actuality instead of on affirmation as a alleyway to His existence? It’s not rational.

*Why does an almighty God charge simple bodies to afflict the LGBT association or abortionists or added bodies who rub God the amiss way? Why doesn’t God accord with these association directly?

*Why did it yield an almighty getting (i.e. – God) 5 times best to actualize one tiny atom of all-embracing dust (i.e. – Planet Earth & earthbound life) than it did to actualize the absolute blow of the absolute cosmos? It’s like it takes you 5 times best to adorn one allowance than it took to physique all of the barrio and all of the apartment in an absolute mega-city.

*God is authentic in His actuality and you accept that is so if you can’t adulterate or belie that acceptance in God and His existence. The catechism is, does that aswell beggarly you accept in anniversary and every added addition abstraction of a deity’s actuality (i.e. – Zeus) just because you can’t adulterate and belie their absolute existence. Logically, you should. Further, you should accept in the actuality of annihilation and aggregate you can’t adulterate or disprove!

*A balmy down-covered airy activity in your gut is not affirmation for the absolute actuality of God.

*For a God who can actualize annihilation and everything, why does He accept to accord abundant instructions to bodies as commendations to architecture Noah’s Ark or the Ark of the Covenant?

*If God is some array of catholic overlord who is all-knowing over the absolute cosmos, why is He so bedeviled on just one baby association amid in just one tiny bounded arena of just one baby atom of catholic dust – Planet Earth? Further, why hasn’t He in actuality done annihilation in yonks – in bags of years? Aron Ra makes the affinity that God is absolute abundant like Doctor Who. Doctor Who can biking anywhere in amplitude and in time yet he seems to absorb an amazing bulk of time in backward 20th Century and aboriginal 21st Century England!

*God is all-knowing and all-seeing and so, like Big Brother, God is consistently watching you, even if you’re on the toilet!

*God created man and woman with aboriginal sin. Again God destroyed a lot of of them for sinning. Again God abounding a woman with Himself as her child, so that He could be born. Later, He asleep Himself as a cede to Himself to save all of you from the sin God gave you in the aboriginal place. If that’s not authentic B.S. I don’t apperceive what is.

*If an all-knowing God exists again He knows absolutely what it would yield for Him to argue me that He in actuality exists. That that hasn’t happened agency either God doesn’t accord a abuse about proving Himself to me (although He allegedly fabricated a absolute few exceptions to called individuals bags of years ago), or abroad He doesn’t exist.

*God accept to accept created blemish accustomed that Eve (a absolute being) ‘sinned’ while still in that absolute state.

Regarding God Getting Omniscient

*Why does God accept to analysis Abraham’s acceptance (vis-a-vis killing his son) if God is all-knowing?

Regarding God Getting Omnipotent

*Judges 1:19 “And the Lord was with Judah; and he collection out the citizenry of the mountain; but could not drive out the citizenry of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.” Not so absolute now was the Lord, was He?

Regarding God’s ‘Morality’

*Theists say that God’s laws and accomplishments trump beastly laws and the accomplishments of humans. Therefore, according to atheists, you can absolve annihilation you do based on Biblical texts accouterment as continued as God aswell did it; God ordered it; God condones it. Good luck with that aegis action in the attorneys for you’ll bound acquisition out that beastly law and beastly accomplishments trumps God’s laws and God’s actions.

*God allows an affronted act to abide or to happen. A beastly tries to anticipate that affronted act from absolute or accident – if they can. That’s the moral aberration amid bodies and God. In added words, God seemed altogether accept with Nazi Germany and the Third Reich and the attempted annihilation of His Chosen People. God did annihilation to stop Hitler and company. It was up to way added moral bodies to act adjoin the Third Reich, and stop the slaughter. This is hardly a altered example. The point is that God never intervenes to stop evil. Bodies generally do either by fate or by design.

*God blames and punished accouchement for the amiss accomplishments of their ancestors. How is that moral? (Exodus 20: 5 and 34: 7; Numbers 14: 18; Deuteronomy 5: 9 and 23: 2-3.)

*Regarding beastly sin: God is allegedly traveling to adjudicator us sinners as getting aces or not aces of an abiding activity with Him. The tables should be turned. In actuality I should appeal that God should acknowledge His sins to me (upon my declared Acumen Day) so I can adjudicator Him aces of spending time with. Let’s not overlook that God has committed far added absolute sins than I (or allegedly any one human) have.

*If you face some array of final judgment, you absolutely wish to face an unbiased, candid judge. That rules God out who’s acutely biased adjoin assertive tribes. That’s why I like the age-old Egyptian anatomy of the final judgment. The age-old Egyptian gods administer but don’t themselves judge. Your affection (which is area the Egyptians in actuality anticipation your ‘soul’ resided) was advised on an apart candid calibration adjoin a feather. If your affection was authentic it counterbalanced adjoin the calamus and you again went on, anesthetized go and calm your $200 afterlife dollars. If your affection was impure, it wouldn’t antithesis the calamus and it again got gobbled up by a monster and that was the end of that. No afterlife; just absolute oblivion.

*If God sends me to hell, at atomic I’ll accept the achievement of alive that I’m added moral than the God who beatific me there.

Regarding God’s Ten Commandments

*The aboriginal Ten Commandments (although not the final version) we get rather unimportant getting like no added gods afore God, and no admiration idols and no demography God’s name in arrogant and do not plan on the Sabbath, etc. So what’s missing that any moral celestial would have, and should accept included? Able-bodied what about thou shall not accomplish rape; thou shall not accomplish genocide; thou shall not own addition beastly getting (slavery) [#]; thou shall, as parents adulation your children; thou shall not accomplish adolescent abuse; thou shall not accomplish beastly abuse; thou shall assure the environment; and of advance thou shall endorse women’s rights.

[#] That all the added the case accustomed God’s accomplishments in Exodus – “Let my bodies go”.

*The catechism absolutely boils down to, couldn’t YOU accept done a hell of a lot bigger job in advancing up with the Ten Commandments?

Regarding Jesus

*What was the point of in actuality axis baptize into wine and absolutely area did those added carbon atoms appear from?

*Those claiming that Jesus was a absolute getting accept artlessly not met their accountability of proof. We wouldn’t acquiesce the blazon of affirmation acclimated to prove the historicity of Jesus for any added absolute amount yet we acquiesce this appearance to acutely automatically acquisition his way into the history books.

*If Jesus arose from the dead, doesn’t that accomplish him a zombie, one of the walking dead?

*Jesus according to a lot of is either Lord, Liar, Lunatic or Legend. Demography anniversary in turn.

Lord: Billions of accomplished and present Authentic Believers accept adopted the Christian acceptance on the area that Jesus was Lord with all that implies for themselves, able-bodied basically, their afterlife chances. They are searching out for Number One. Unfortunately, there’s no non-Biblical source(s) that can be apart absolute that Jesus was annihilation but a beastly bitter at best and fabulous at worst. Jesus as Lord is as absolute as the analysis of fairies at the basal of your garden, and no, just because billions accept and do accept doesn’t accomplish it so. The majority doesn’t rule. The majority isn’t a alleyway to the truth.

Liar: We calendar from the TV affairs “House, M.D.” that everybody lies. We all acquaint big lies and baby lies and white lies and all-important lies, and of advance fibs too, etc. No agnosticism Jesus aria if it ill-fitted his calendar and his interests to lie.

Lunatic: Throughout beastly history there accept been bags of altogether bitter bodies who accept accustomed themselves all-powerful status. Brainy illnesses manifests themselves in all address of ways, including getting delusional. There accept been avant-garde examples of such individuals, generally basic cults, and generally culminating in absolute bad endings. Further, there’s no acumen to accept that brainy illnesses are alone a avant-garde phenomenon. So, IMHO, the Lunatic Hypothesis is allegedly the best answer. I beggarly it wasn’t as if the abstraction of a Messiah wasn’t alien abstraction aback there and aback then. The chance of cursing the fig timberline ability be an analogy of a time if Jesus absent his cool!

Legend: Accustomed the trillions of words accounting and announced about Jesus, additional the hundreds of books and dozens of films / documentaries about Jesus as able-bodied as the multi-thousands of images of Jesus (totally fabricated up by the way), and the multi-millions who abrasion Jesus-on-the-cross pendants, yes, you could allegedly accredit him allegorical status. But that appropriately applies of advance to Santa Claus or even Hercules for that matter. Even absolutely absolute bodies from almost that era like Alexander the Great or Cleopatra VII accept accomplished allegorical status.

*There are abounding parallels with Jesus appropriately not authoritative Jesus a altered entity. For example, there’s the belief and legends apropos the birth, life, afterlife and awakening surrounding Horus, Attis, Krishna, Dionysus, Mithra, Osiris, Adonis, Romulus, Inanna, Zalmoxis and even Hercules.

*Healing the ailing and adopting the asleep aren’t abilities bedfast to Jesus. Healing the ailing isn’t that big a accord aback 1) affection can generally be healed by the physique over the adequateness of time naturally; 2) there’s the accurate affirmation of the ability of absolute cerebration – the placebo effect; and 3) some healers just ability do the appropriate affair at the appropriate time to accomplish the appropriate results. However, adopting the asleep is a altered horse of addition colour, and I’m excluding actuality the accomplished walking asleep / crank angle from this aback that too is a altered horse of addition colour. Consider the afterward absolute story.

*Cabeza de Vaca was just one of the accustomed Spanish soldiers accepted as the Conquistadors who invaded and baffled the Aztec and Incan empires in the 1500′s. Alas, this accurate alone was ashore off of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico bank and alone he and three added of his assembly survived. Appropriately began an eight-year chance (November 1528 to June 1536), an ballsy chance on bottom beyond Texas and the U.S. / Mexican bound arena to the Gulf of California afore getting affiliated with their adolescent countrymen, the Spaniards. They of advance spent a lot of time with the Native Americans on that journey. And therein developed amidst the citizenry the fable that Cabeza de Vaca and his three assembly not alone had the shamanistic ability to alleviate the ailing but aswell to accession up their dead! There exists texts and artworks accessible to this day attesting to and depicting these Spanish healers, abnormally by Cabeza de Vaca [1]. And I rather doubtable that if one were to do an all-embracing seek of the abstract you’d acquisition added belief and legends surrounding accustomed bodies who healed the ailing but added to the point aloft the dead. Now either you accept to accept that Jesus doesn’t accept a cartel on healing the ailing and adopting the dead, OR that belief and legends can and do yield authority based on little or even no absolute evidence. Absolute account can bound become affected account and absolute facts about-face into addition facts with every cogent and call of the chance in question.

[1] Wood, Michael; “The chance of Cabeza de Vaca” (in) Conquistadors; BBC, London; 2000; pages 231-265.

Regarding Atheists & Atheism

*Atheists are affronted because they accept some accepted affidavit to be angry. Few bodies would vote for an agnostic for admiral even if they were super-qualified in every added aspect. In abounding places atheists couldn’t affirm in cloister or serve on juries or authority accessible office. Atheists are generally denied aegis of their accouchement just because of their atheism. Atheists generally accept to apostle their atheism anomalously because if articular they will be accomplished – Iran for example. But especially, atheists are usually accursed by theists to ache abiding affliction / ache / damnation because they just don’t play in the aforementioned apostolic head as the theist, no amount how appropriate the agnostic ability contrarily be.

*Atheism is a adoration in the aforementioned way that abnegation is a animal position. (via Bill Maher.)

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